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Post Dear Esther's Briscoe Teases 'STALKER-like' Project

Speaking to Joe Martin, the artist behind the fabulously-pretty island of Dear Esther, Robert Briscoe, has announced he's embarking on a one-man project of formidable ambition. Here's the quote: 'I fancy doing something on my own, something entirely of my own creation. Dear Esther was a great project‚?¶[but] this time around? I've always had this idea in my head of this sort of open-world, STALKER-like game without weapons. With a horror aspect to it. I've never had the opportunity to it because the scope of it is so huge‚?¶I can't even believe I'm contemplating doing it! It's so unreal‚?¶but this is the whole thing with me: I want to see if it's possible for just one person to make a game on a scale that's probably never been done before‚?¶'

Frankly I want to see if that's possible, too.

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