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Default nvidia-settings 304.60 doesn't automatically find monitors when changing settings

Posting here in lieu of a better nvidia bug forum.

I have a script that changes the blue gamma of the monitors throughout the days. It calls:

nvidia-settings -a :0/BlueGamma=0.8 (or whatever gamma)

That used to work until 304.60. Now that call gives me an error saying

ERROR: Error assigning 0.800000 to attribute 'BlueGamma' on localhost:0.0 specified in assignment ':0/BlueGamma=0.8' (Bad handle)

I've found that what does work now is if I specify each of my monitors in turn. ie:

nvidia-settings --assign :0[dpy:2]/BlueGamma=0.8
nvidia-settings --assign :0[dpy:4]/BlueGamma=0.8
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