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Question 304.60, xinerama vs xrandr, and multiple monitors

Hi. I have 2 monitors configured with twinview. I am trying to fullscreen an openGL app, and it used to be possible with the 295 era drivers using xinerama to pretend that it should span both of the monitors as though they were actually one large one. This worked pretty great actually...

However now that the new drivers support XRandR I can't seem to figure out how to fake to specific apps ( or the whole X screen ) that the 2 monitors should be considered one larger one so that the openGL app spans them.

The openGL app is using glfw2 btw, and one thing I haven't tried is configuring with glfw3 which has a multi-monitor branch being finalized.

Anyways, Anyone know how I can get an openGL app to span multiple monitors!?
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