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Post Hotline Miami Aids Pirates Instead Of Murdering Them

If you can't beat 'em, well‚?¶ that's not actually a phrase that exists in the world of Hotline Miami. It's either beat (with a colorful assortment of bats, drills, pipes, and katanas) or be beaten black and blue and red and neon pink. There is, as Yoda says ' presumably as a result of some LSD-induced hallucination ' no try. Hotline Miami's creators, however, are nothing like that. They, perhaps better than much of the rest of the gaming industry, understand the art of compromise. So when pirates started peddling a slightly glitchy version of Hotline Miami in the Internet's seediest alleyways,Jonatan Soderstrom ' aka, Cactus ' decided to offer them a helping hand.


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