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Default Re: Medal of Honor Warfighter PC Multiplayer Trailer!

Finished single player which was rather terrible. So sad to see it drop far from MoH 2010 which was merely ok. Obviously they put some more effort into the mp portion which is much better than MoH 2010 although it's a little rough around the edges. It changes just enough from CoD and BF3 to make it feel different, weapon handling is alright as in BF3. You unlock soldiers which is fine but the weapon unlock system seems silly. Great use of sound, quite good visually too. The classes are alright, just different enough and fairly well balanced. Player count is fairly low already and I don't expect a large proportion will remain beyond the end of this year. Not with Blops 2, halo 4, bf3 afterhmath hanging around. Critics have been slightly harsh on it though, imo its a 6-7/10 game with mp being good and sp being bad.
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