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Post Starbound Will Let You Build Anti-Ape Lairs

A quick refresher: Starbound is the Terraria pseudo-successor that lets you generate your own planet. That in mind, I suppose it only makes sense that an inhabitant of one of its many worlds would be militantly anti-ape. After all, apes + a planet = Planet of the Apes. It happensevery time. I'm sure, though, that you'll be able to discriminate against other creatures as well, seeing as Starbound's co-op building system is looking as impressively versatile as, well, everything else about the strikingly ambitious wonder. Wiser people than I once said, 'If you build [a break], they will come [and watch a new Starbound trailer].' Truth be told, I've never really understood that saying, but it's starting to make a little more sense now.


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