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Post Cardboard Children: Spartacus

Hello youse.

I haven't seen Spartacus, but from what I hear there is a lot of blood in it and plenty of exposed breasts. I don't know why I haven't watched the show, because I enjoy both of these things. Don't you think there are too many TV shows to watch these days? It seems like people are recommending new TV shows every week, and expecting you to buy a box set and watch about seven episodes before it starts to get good. Seriously! 'You need to watch about the first five episodes to get properly into it.' Five hours?! You mad?! I barely have one spare hour these days, never mind five.

But let me say this. Whenever I do have some spare time, I want to play some board games with my lovely friends. And now I can play Spartacus: The Board Game. And it's bloody brilliant.

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