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I take that back since I have looked at more reviews ,if you game at 1920 x1080 or 1200 then I would get the GTX-660Ti with 3 gigs of Vram since the GTX-660Ti is only around 4 to 9 Fps slower and on most games it is just 2 to4 FPS slower,plus the extra vram could help out in some games if you run at high FSAA .The GTX-660 Ti 3Gig draws around 137watts up to 143watts when overclocked.A GTX 670 draws around 175watts and up to 185watts when overclocked.So the GTX-660Ti 3gig would need around 12 amps on the 12v rail.If you have the power supply that you have a link to then it says 408watts maxium on the 12v rail which would be 34amps on the 12v rails .So I don't see you haveing any problems running a GTX-660 Ti 3gig video card since the max it would draw would be only 12 amps or 144 watts that should leave you plenty for your CPU and other drives IMO.Sorry for my confusion but since I have looked at more reviews IMO the GTX-660 Ti 3gig would be the way to go.I did the caculator PSU test with your set-up with one 660Ti 3gig and it came tp 491 watts so if you get a GTX-670 it may be more then your power supply can handle.I just seen you have a i7-930 and them babbies love the power,excpecially if you overclock.Are you still useing the antec 500watt power supply.I was going to say if you need more power them 17-930 overclocks very good or at least my i7-920 did .I ran it at 4.2gigs from day one ,I had it nearly three years and there was a big difference in games running it at stock of 2.66gigs to 4.2 gigs.I ran my new i7-3820 sandy-E at 4.2gigs and compared the games running my i7-920 at 4.2gigs and there was only 5FPS to 7 FPS difference other stuff like encoding and other scientific programs my i7-3820 was up to 50% faster.My games are faster because I can run my i7-3820 to 4.8gigs.But the i7-930's and the X58 motherboards still run game real good exspecially if you are overclocking the i7-930.
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