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Post Absolutely Crabulous: Guild Wars 2?s Lost Shores Event

How do you feel about giant crabs? I ask this because they tend to be quite a divisive subject (I've lost a good many friends over debates about the merits of theiranachronistic cultural leanings and gigantic torso-cleaving claws), yet Guild Wars 2 is tackling it head-on. Lost Shores ' which kicks off on November 16th and runs until the 18th ' is a colossal 'once in a lifetime' world event that centers around said colossal crustaceans. They'll invade, they'll fight, and they might even do a fun dance number to a mash-up of the decade's most memorable showtunes. Meanwhile, some of the less-crab-focused new additions ' like a series of 'fractal' mini-dungeons ' sound quite interesting. Delve into the break's mysterious depths for more.


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