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Default 295.71 was last working driver on and64, 9.0-RELEASE, GTX 295, xfce4 won't startup

Version 295.71was the last driver version that fully worked on my FreeBSD 9.0-RELEASE (64 bit) setup with xfce4 and my dual GeForce GTX 295 card.

The problem with any newer version is that xfce4 won't fully startup. The Xserver would start and I can see the initial xfce4 logo but then it just won't continue.

I can then switch to the console and kill the Xserver. When I unload the kernel module, reinstall 295.71 and load the module xfce4 starts up as expected.

I just verified this with version 304.64 on a clean setup without any previous xfce4 config files in the home directory.

Is there anything I can do to provide more debugging information?
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