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Post The Sunday Papers

Sundays are for listening to people talk. They are also for reading what people write. They are for taking a moment. So let's do that.
  • Richard Moss on Cliff Johnson's 25-year development of The Fool And His Money: 'I am so delighted that I can say the game is finished,' Johnson chuckles. The Fool and his Money was a labor of love'a sequel to the award-winning cult-favorite 1987 Macintosh 'meta-puzzle' The Fool's Errand, which was later ported to Amiga, DOS, and Atari ST. 'I'm glad [that] at the beginning I did not know the game would take me ten years,' Johnson confesses. 'In some ways thinking it would be out every six months was my psychological way of dealing with oh my god oh my god oh my god.' (moreā?¦)

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