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Default Doom3 (oldie!) monitor problems

Hi all!

I have installed an Oldie (but goodie) that is Doom 3 on my slackware machine (linux) and while the game seems to be perfectly running, I am experiencing a display problem and I hoped someone here could help me...

basically, I have a dual monitor setup, one monitor that goes up to 1920x1080 (the primary) and another smaller that goes to 1024x768 (secondary).

For whatever reasons, Doom3 uses the smaller monitor and puts the larger monitor at sleep. That is, until I set the resolution larger than what the small monitor can handle, then its the opposite, the game uses the marge monitor and puts to sleep the small one..

Fine, but if I set the resolution to the maximum that Doom3 offers (1600x1200), the game starts windowed and I am missing a large portion of the display. Also, while windowed, if I go in the game options (system), the game reports a display of 1600x1200.

I tried passing seta r_fullscren 1 to the debugger's CLI, and doing a vid_restart, but its not helping...

Anybody knows why its not using the main monitor at 1600x1200 in fullscreen? Or should I rather ask

How can I force the game to use the main monitor at 1600x1200 in fullscreen?

Many thanks!!!!
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