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Default Beginning a computer upgrade

My specs are in my signature.

I replaced my 120hz Samsung monitor with a Dell U2312hm, which has an average input lag of 0.6ms. My first IPS monitor and I'm liking it very much. My Samsung had an input lag of 16ms, but it also had 120hz so maybe it wasn't as noticeable.

I've ordered a second U2312hm mainly for video editing and multi-tasking. Yes, I'm aware I'll need SLI if I want to game with both monitors. I'll have to do with one for now.

I've got a Samsung 256GB 830 coming shortly, so I'll be rid of my hard drive and be on SSD for Windows. Steam's Big Picture Mode beta allows installing games to another drive or folder, so I've ordered a 3TB Seagate Barracuda which will serve as my gaming and downloads drive.

Next up will be my graphics card. I'm going to get either a 680 GTX or I might go with the 690 GTX, especially if it will allow dual monitor gaming.

Lastly, I'll upgrade my motherboard and CPU. I'll be going with Gigabyte this time as I'm 100% done with ASUS and their horrible support for motherboards. They never update the option roms while Gigabyte does.

Next year a new chipset should be coming out around March I guess, so I'm gonna hold off for that. I'm waiting for proper Thunderbolt support and all USB 3.0 and all SATA 6 Gb/s ports done by Intel. Guess I've got some waiting to do.

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