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Question Uniform driver releases

Why are driver releases not better organized so they are released around the same time? The new x86 drivers add support for things like 5700/5900 while the 4499 AMD64 drivers still don't support that. I can't imagine that NVIDIA is maintaining multiple entire codebases for each platform. Can't they basically do a source rebulid for each platform (x86, amd64, ia64, etc) within a shorter period of time and get the drivers released with more uniformity?

I'm just annoyed because my FX5200 got messed up and I need a new video card. I want to get an FX5700 or a 5900, but they don't seem to be supported on AMD64 yet so it looks like I'm being locked into getting a 5600 or something thereabouts. Sadly, the ATI's support for AMD64 seems to be far more bleak than NVIDIA's.
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