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Originally Posted by Pennyboy View Post
Hey Rummy, sorry haven't run any benchmarking on it yet to see my actual FPS but will do that in the next day or two.
Hey guys just a warning, i ran into something very dissapointing just now, for some reason the Uplay servers are not working and you can't play the game properly as you can't craft anything, when you try to craft anything an error 'can't connect to Uservers' pops up then the game basically freezes up on you and you have to quit out. A quick search and its all over the net, very disappointing!!! again paying customers are punished, so be warned this game has some nasty away's online DRM!!!!. I'm pretty annoyed right now as I can't play a game I have saved up and payed for. Also another thing that sucks, in my opinion is Uplay, why can't companies just realize Valve know what they are doing in this area and just use Steam, it pisses me off having to run all of the BS apps other companies are chucking out there that a bug ridden pieces of crap!!!!
Damn that sucks, keep us updated.
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