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Default Re: Beginning a computer upgrade

UPDATE: 3TB Seagate did not work on my motherboard. Needs EFI bios or it does not detect. I'll wait for Intel's next chipset sometime in Spring of 2013.

Got my Samsung 830 256GB and installed about 4 games on it. I figure I'll play them and finish them and delete one or two and install some other games. No need in having a huge library installed at one time. Sometimes less is more. Now I have 4 games to choose from instead of 20.

TF2 and Skyrim are the only two games I won't be uninstalling as there's never really any end to them and they're always fun to play every once in a while, especially since there's always new updates and content.

My new System rating is all 7.5 except for my primary drive, which is 7.8. No complaints. Games load very fast.
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