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Default Re: Barack Obama Retains US Presidency

Originally Posted by MowTin View Post
What happened to all the Rethuglicans around here? Did they leave the country in anticipation of an Obama re-election?

I wanted to hear an explanation of how "the worst president in American history" got re-elected.

This takes all the fun out of schadenfreude.
Hmm...well, suddenly things "changed".

One of the things I liked about this forum was the charm it had, which mainly came from the other people who posted here. Out of nowhere though, many of their posts were no longer visible. I wasn't sure why, was thinking maybe it was a glitch because the page number counts on several threads would point to pages that didn't exist.

A post from udawg mentioned something about a global ignore, which I had never heard of, but it became pretty apparent that it was applied to several members, including me. We would post, but it wasn't apparent that our posts weren't showing up to other members (we could see our own.) You could tell if you were globally ignored by logging out.

It seemed I was, but I wasn't sure why (no warning or notification that I had done anything wrong was given) nor am I really aware of why it all happened to begin with, I figured some kind of explanation may have been given seeing that I was a donating member, and even part of the "secret club". I made a goodbye post, in spite of thinking that it probably wouldn't be seen by anybody, but I left it anyways just in case. I don't think anybody did see it (I can't find it anyways.)

The "charm" I mention doesn't really exist on rage3d either...that forum seems to take things way too seriously. I rarely posted there, and stopped posting there altogether I think back in early September (I have a peek at it now and then, but haven't found anything worthy of responding to or adding that I thought the people there would take interest in.)

I only came back here today because my laptop which I haven't used in a long time had a tab from this still opened in firefox (I set it to keep persistent sessions even when the browser is closed.) I don't anticipate coming here anymore. Maybe, but I kind of doubt it. But, thought I would just leave my take on the matter since it was asked for.

EDIT: PS: I do intend on leaving the country, but it has nothing to do with politics. I made that decision a long time ago (even think I mentioned it here) mainly just because I want to see new places. I now am in a profession that is in very high demand globally, so I can work wherever I want and pull in a good salary. Likewise, the 2012 election wasn't terribly important to me. I only voted for one person on the ballot: Jeff Flake for senate, mainly due to his anti-SOPA stance and anti-earmark stance. If the US ever enacts anything like SOPA or PIPA, that will have very bad consequences globally. Hollywood really wants it to pass though, and they are putting very hard pressure on the democrats (and California republicans) to do so. Obama even signed the ACTA treaty (also detrimental for the same reasons) on their behalf without even putting it through the senate - a clear cut violation of the constitution if there ever was one. So, the best I can do is put Jeff Flake in there and hope he can undo it, as well as put a stop to similar things should they ever show up again.

Best of luck to MikeC and everybody else who still remains here though. I'll see you guys in another life.
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