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Some first impressions:

(Note: I love Far Cry 2 despite it's annoying issues)

First the Negatives:

1. The graphics don't impress me as much as FC2 did. Africa was just more beautiful. Also I think Africa is just more exotic. We rarely vacation to Africa so it's more of an cool to place to be in a game. And the African brush fires were better.

2. It suffers from some consolitis. But doesn't every game now-a-days?

3. It's a little confusing at first. You have so many options it's hard to know where to start. Should you start hunting and crafting or do a few missions first? But you eventually get the hang of it.

4. I don't think I like the new enemy animations--too busy, sliding all the time.


1. Almost every flaw in FC2 is gone! No respawning checkpoint enemies. No guns jamming. No tedious travel system.

2. It's still a beautiful game.

3. It borrows a lot of the positive RPG elements from Red Dead Redemption. The crafting adds depth and gives you an excuse to explore without being burdensome.

4. Love the addition of hunting. And the jungle really feels more dangerous. If you hear something it's a good idea to look around or risk getting mauled.

5. The story (at least the beginning) is great. I never wanted to kill a game villain more. Sure there are plot holes but that's true of every game.

Anyway, I may need to restart the game at the highest difficulty level. At the second highest level it seems to easy at times. An enemy emptied his clip at point blank range and didn't kill me. I suspect the difficulty is gamepad calibrated.

So far I'm loving this game.
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