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Default Forza Horizon

So whats your take on this game ?

Loving it personally, it looks fantastic, the lighting and day/night cycles are awesome. Amazed of what they can get out of the 360 still. Sounds are as always excellent with Forza games and the handling is also good but perhaps more F3 than F4 with a little more arcade feel to it.

I think this is more in line of what i hoped that TDU2 would be but never was, the exploring and just driving around is as rewarding as the races themselves. The singleplayer in this and TDU are very similar but sadly the multiplayer is completly different, you can only cruise around with people from your friends list and its limited to 8 players at the same time. The rest of the multiplayer is straight into a lobby like the other Forza games. So the singleplayer is great imo, multiplayer not so much.
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