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Default Re: Brightness problem with Nvidia 304.60 on HP 8710w laptop with Quadro FX 1600M

Originally Posted by Kynde View Post
Fedora 17 here on a HP 8530w using rpmfusion packages. 304.60 broke brightness controls, screen usually black after suspend etc. 304.64 still broken. Setting can be set manaully from /sys.

Rebuilt 304.51 packages and all's well again.

Let me know if you need me to elaborate, provide details or try something out.
Exact same situation (hardware and distribution) here. The brightness keys and also brightness settings from KDE power management do not work. Can use /sys/class/backlight to change the brightness manually.
Often after suspend the brightness is set to minimum while /sys/class/backlight reports the brightness to be at maximum, setting the brightness manually still works in this situation.
Also with 310.19 it still does not work properly.
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