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Post The Sunday Papers

Jim's moving house. You can tell, because if you lean your ear in the direction of Bath, you can hear the screaming. So he's asked me to compile this week's Sunday Papers. But don't worry, I've learned the ul and li tags, so it should all be fine.
  • One of the rules of gaming is that if you wait enough years, eventually people will tell you about the disasters. Not Rockstar. But despite this, gaming's best investigative journalist, Simon Parkin, set out to discover what actually led to Rockstar's 'Hot Coffee' fiasco eight years ago. 'Now, sex was the 'natural' progression, as he put it to Kolbe, an essential topic for games to cover if they were to claim the creative freedom afforded literature and cinema. Obscuring sex from the world of GTA: San Andreas would be a betrayal of vision, a self-moderating disservice to the game, to the entire medium.' (moreā?¦)

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