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Originally Posted by Crow_Nest View Post
This game is a million times better than FC2. So much more to do, and the island just looks beautiful. The addition of hunting to gain materials for crafting is a nice touch, same goes for plants that can yield you syringes for health..etc but it can get pretty scary at first, since there's so much to do. Yes, it reeks of console-ports, but thankfully there is a FOV slider in the options to ease the pain. But the best thing about this game imo, is that its not as repetitive as FC2. What the hell were they thinking back then?
GOTY for me.

I actually enjoyed FC2. But yes, FC3 is just so much better. I've never seen a game improve so much from one installment to the next.

The stealth is so vastly improved. It's arguably the best stealth in a FPS. Various takedowns, you can drag bodies, you can throw rocks to distract guards, great detection indicator, weapons customized with silencers and the bow is just awesome.

Also, it's just impressive how the hunting, gathering and crafting is integrated into the gameplay. Crafting is necessary in this game to progress and forces you to explore more. Yet it never becomes burdensome. Just be sure to do the hunting missions to get some rare animal skins.

I recommend the highest difficulty. Everything else is too easy. And disable enemy tagging. I wish there was a way to disable the ability to see tagged enemies through walls.

This is the best Far Cry game by far. And it's better than all the Crysis games (which I loved too).
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