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Default Wild Cats run faster

Oki, i realize this is inappropiate in one way, but in another way not... there are benefits for Nvidia Users in this too...

Quadro is left WAY behind, cheaper and up to 3x faster cards are 3d labs wildcats, i will not even discuss this as any real test will reveal just that... (actually i am being VERY generous towards Nvidia here)

So why am i posting this here? Well, the agp part of the driver is free and can be made to work with the Nvidia driver allowing the KT800 chipset full support instead of the limited support provided otherwise..

It is all open source, so happy hacking... no, it cannot be used by Nvidia, and if they use it without releasing the entire driver as open source there would be problems for Nvidia...

(tip, tar -zxvf do a pipe grep or a find) rename, copy...

Happy hacking...
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