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Default 1 stick of RAM OK, 2 Sticks BSOD

I just bought some new ram mobo recognize the ram and it even had the right XMP made sure the timing was right voltage was right so a few minutes in and BSOD (funny thing is that sometimes could be ok for a few minutes others about half hr. or 45 min. before BSOD some times its as soon as booting up. I ran memtest86+ with both stick and its just error after error, so then I ran one stick at a time ti find out which one was the "bad stick" ran each one about 7 times in a row they pass kind of stumped

system specs
CPU: Intel i3 2105 (dual core with ht)
GPU: Asus GTX 560 Ti
Mobo: Asrock z68 Extreme3 gen 3
HDD: Barracuda 1 TB
SSD: OCZ Agility 3 SSD 64GB (for intel Smart Response Technology)
Psu: OCZ ZT 750W
RAM: G. skill snipers 2133 (CL9-11-10-28) @ 1.65

this is the ram in Question.
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