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Post Hot Lead: RAGE's 'Scorchers' DLC Suddenly Emerges

For a while there, I thought we were going to find RAGE on some trashy 'What ever happened to‚?¶ ?' television special. It'd have been huddled in the back of a barely lit trailer, clad in a grease-and-sweat-stained bathrobe and wolfing down an entire carton of metropolitan ice cream. 'I coulda been somethin',' it'd have said between chunky mouthfuls. 'I coulda gone places. But then id got all distant, and everyone forgot about me.' Then: warm salty tears, pitter-pattering into the sticky sugar soup below. That depressing reality, however, is no longer our own. After leaving RAGE untouched for a year, id's finally returned to its not-so-deserted deserts. The result? A brand new, six-area DLC tale called 'Scorchers.' Sweet, sweet deets after the break.


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