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Originally Posted by Q View Post

Hope that the holidays are happy and that your son is able to make it in for the festivities.

Is there any way to exclude all of the RSS feeds from the "New Posts" function? If you find yourself with an excess of free time and goodwill this season, could you consider looking into that?

Also, Tapatalk!
Thanks, but unfortunately Dave is serving his second tour of duty in Afghan and won't be home for Christmas. We are sending him packages, but they are slow to arrive since the area he's stationed has much more fighting going on than his first deployment.

I'll check out the new posts program and see if I can update it to omit certain forums. I don't think it's a feature in vBulletin, but I should be able to take care of it with a custom if then else statement.

I'll also update TapaTalk as well...
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