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Post The Monday Papers

Sundays are for realising that you have no internet, and must now survive alone in the wilderness. Cut off from the mothership, I scavenged autonomously on the surface of that alien planet until I was rescued on Monday by a trip into town.
  • Rick Lane discusses a topic close to my own heart: sword-fighting in games: 'Even the basic action of swinging a sword is wrongly depicted in gaming. In The Witcher 2, for example, sword-fights often consist of a series of traded blows. You swing, the enemy dodges or parries, then the enemy swings and you parry. A real sword-fight is a far more complex, nuanced affair. 'We've got only two things that look remotely like a parry in the traditional sense.' Martin says. 'It's entirely possible, with a two-handed weapon, to parry an incoming blow with one end of your sword while cutting the top of the other guy's head off with the tip. So you're basically parrying and attacking with the same weapon at the same time.'' (moreā?¦)

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