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Post Peter Molyneux's introspective attempt to revive the god game

Concept art like this hasn't been enough to convince a critical mass of people to back Molyneux's Project Godus

There's something a bit off-putting about talking to Peter Molyneux these days. The well-known designer of games ranging from Populous to Fable is known for projecting such over-the-top confidence about the world-changing nature of his upcoming projects that the self-parody of his public persona has become a bit of an in-joke in the gaming community.

Given that reputation, the Peter Molyneux I talked to recently was quite a bit more restrained and subdued than you might expect. The usual child-like enthusiasm and grand vision for the video game medium are still there, for sure. But these days, Molyneux seems more chastened and self-reflective than bombastic and expansive.

One proximate cause for this change, no doubt, is the less-than-stellar launch of the cryptically titled iOS app Curiosity: What's Inside the Cube, the first "experiment" from Molyneux's new startup 22cans. The app consists of little more than chiseling away at a massive, multi-layered cube alongside other players on the Internet. It launched earlier than expected last month and was quickly plagued with server problems, choppy performance issues, and an error that wiped out the amassed, in-game savings of thousands of early players.

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