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Thanks, but unfortunately Dave is serving his second tour of duty in Afghan and won't be home for Christmas. We are sending him packages, but they are slow to arrive since the area he's stationed has much more fighting going on than his first deployment.

I'll check out the new posts program and see if I can update it to omit certain forums. I don't think it's a feature in vBulletin, but I should be able to take care of it with a custom if then else statement.

I'll also update TapaTalk as well...
That really stinks about Dave. I'll keep him and his safety in my thoughts this holiday season.

I was down in NN this weekend putting a fresh coat of paint on the house to try to get ready to have it sold since our Realtor failed us badly for 6 months. Our good neighbor down there is a 12 year Navy man who is probably going to be out to sea for the holidays. Sad stuff but damn am I grateful for him and your son doing us all very proud.

I appreciate you looking into that stuff if you have the time.

Merry Christmas, Mike.
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