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Post Here's Another Episode Of Crysis 3?s Not-Quite-A-Movie

If you have a perfectly pristine photographic memory for Adam's posts ' and honestly, who doesn't? ' you'll remember that he recently came across the first episode in EA'sAlbert-Hughes-directed 'Seven Wonders' Crysis 3 series. He also said these things, 'I think I'm supposed to care about the story here, but is it really anything more than an excuse to cram opposing forces into an interesting place so they can shoot each other? Nothing wrong with that but I'd prefer to see more of the weighty in-engine conflict and less of the build-up.' Frankly, I share that sentiment, and apparently, so does Albert Hughes. Episode 2, you see, is all action. OK, and there's some cheesy narration, but you can ignore that.


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