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Post THQ Filing For Bankruptcy, Selling Off Assets

Oh boy. Remember how things haven't been going so hot for THQ lately? If you've somehow forgotten, do you remember your name or any key facts about yourself? Have you hit your head or recently traveled forward to this time period? Are you an amnesiac, infant, or ghost? AT ANY RATE, we've finally reached the expected conclusion of this rather depressing series of events, but ' as ever ' there's a twist. In spite of how the word 'bankrupt' ' which is derived from the root 'bank account ruptured and screamed in agony as warm monetary lifeblood erupted from its depleted tubules' ' often connotates, THQ isn't doomed yet. Instead, it's merely employed some tricksy businessmaneuvers to dodge an avalanche of debt. For now, though, your favorite game series are safe.


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