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Post In which I pick the best first-person shooter of 2012

Editor's Note: What follows below is Peter's personal overview of FPSs in 2012.Ars Technica will be announcing formal winners and best-buys selected by the entire staff later this month.

The first-person shooter is the purest of all video gaming experiences. They may be still be crude and rudimentary'in many ways, video games are still at the "steam train hurtling toward the screen" level of development and maturity'but the first-person shooter allows us to most directly experience another world through somebody else's eyes, transporting us across time and space to enable us to be someone we're not.

It's traditional for the period from around September through November to see us inundated with major new releases. This year was no exception. No major new franchises, of course'that would be too much to expect from the game industry'but a large stable of sequels, with Borderlands 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Far Cry 3, and EA's latest attempt to resurrect the Medal of Honor series with Medal of Honor: Warfighter. Console players also had a new Halo title, but since it's my belief that all true gamers play on the PC, we can safely disregard this. Mouse and keyboard ├╝ber alles. (Though if Microsoft were to release it for Windows, I'd certainly give it a go.)

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