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Default Does it make sense to upgrade to GTX 660 from GTX 460 ?

I need to upgrade my rusty GTX 460 768 MB.

- I am never ever going to put another ATI into my machine. Never again, irrespective of the price. That leaves me with nVidia
- I play on my FullHD TV, preferably at 1920x1080
- Image Quality requirements - since the TV is about 1 meter from me, the AA/AF is of paramount importance
- I had to start turning off VSync / AA lately and as you can imagine, that sucks a lot
- Since I spent a fortune in past on gfx cards, I managed to persuade myself to keep it brutally cheap, thus my current price range is only around $200
- I never sell the old card, I always keep all the old ones - I simply do not have the heart to sell a $400 card for $40 - that doesn`t make sense to me at all
- Only reference clocks accepted - I stopped overclocking my cards about 10 yrs ago - it rarely makes sense anyway - when the card is slow, it is simply slow and OC`ing it without liquid cooling does not help a lot. No point in getting 6 fps more, if it is still below 60 fps...

Options :
- GTX 560 - that seems to have an identical performance as GTX460, thus is out of the picture
- GTX 660 - that looks like it starts to make sense, but the difference between 460 and 660 is not very big.

Would it make sense, to go for 670 ? Doesn`t look like the price differential is worth it, though.

Any ideas ?
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