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Post CES 2013: a window into the coming year's technology trends

Ars is back from CES 2013, and not too much worse for the wear.
Andrew Cunningham

The Ars staff is safe and sound at home after braving 2013's Consumer Electronics Show, a bit tired and a bit footsore but still alive and kicking. We sent eight people to navigate the show floor this year'a new Ars record!'and while we didn't get to look at nearly everything we did get to see and touch (and not touch) a lot of cool things.

Every year after (and before, and during) CES there's grumbling among the tech journalism set about whether the show remains relevant in an era of instant PR e-mail blasts, company-specific conferences and keynotes, and information leaks that give us all we need to know about new stuff well before the official unveiling. To a degree, the show is less important now than it once was: not every bedazzled iPhone case or $200 Android tablet is worth flying a third of your staff across the country to see, and the amount of actually-brand-new stuff on display continues to dwindle. However, the sheer size and scope of the show is such that (if you know where to look) you can still get a pretty good idea of how the year in tech is going to play out. We've already given you a tour of the floor through our many image galleries, and now we've collected and distilled our thoughts on 2013's gadgets, chips, and policies, with just a hint of commentary on the show itself.

Challenging iOS and Android

by Florence Ion

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