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Post Help! I've got Windows 8 and I miss my Start menu!

Aurich Lawson / Thinkstock

With Christmas now long behind us, one or two of you may well have been lucky enough to find a shiny new Windows 8 PC under the tree. After cleaning off the crapware,it's time to use the thing, and that means digging into the new user interface.

The Windows 8 user interface has many Windows users divided. The chief complaints are that Windows 8 has no Start button and that it has no Start menu, only the (full-screen, Metro-styled) Start screen. Secondary to these is the complaint that Windows 8 shows the Start screen immediately after logging in, rather than showing the desktop as prior versions of Windows have done. Getting to the desktop takes an extra click.

To address the unfamiliarity and (perceived) problems with the Windows 8 UI, a number of third-party applications have popped upto provide a Start menu, or some approximation thereof, and a Start button for Windows 8 users. They also pull some kind of trickery to switch directly to the desktop upon logging in.

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