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Looking at the Wildcat III and Wildcat4 Linux Drivers, release 3.02, it seems that the 3Dlabs wildcat drivers are proprietary and similar to those provided by NVIDIA and ATi in that no source to any of the interesting driver components is made available (correct me if this is not true).

The kernel component seems to interface with the DRM, source for which is shipped with the driver (which I consider a delicate licensing situation, paired with the 3Dlabs license), but also relies on a binary object file. The included Makefile mentions the source files this object file was built from, but these files are not included (if they're shipped separately, I'd be interested in a URL). Both the included DRM source and the object file seem to be highly kernel version dependent, the latter even references versioned Linux kernel symbols directly, defeating the purpose of the open source interface layer (and implying another delicate licensing situation). To support AGP operation, the driver requires Linux AGPGART, with which it interfaces using code similar to that employed by the NVIDIA and ATi drivers (which shouldn't come as a surprise, the API is given); 3DLabs seems to support Linux/x86 only.

SnapIT, while I'm sure that most frequenters of this forum greatly appreciate your selfless quest for the benefits of NVIDIA users and will gladly overlook the occasional lack of substance or hints of fud in your posts, they might loose faith in your credibility or begin to doubt your intentions, should they find that you make uninformed or deliberately false claims along with the mention of supposedly superior competitor products.
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