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Originally posted by SuLinUX
Where does it say Wildcats are 3 times faster?, last time I read the QuadroFX dominated the the other cards.
Where did you look? Nvidias PDF?

Ehhh... no, the wildcat is so much faster, actually, i never benched it but i can tell you that the wildcat owns the quadro in every setup i have compared, real world setups, that is...

And it costs 2/3 of the card it whips...

Ok, i am out of this discussion now, there is no discussion about this, it is just the way it is...

QuadroFX did not dominate anything even when it was new... it definently does not dominate anything now, even the 9800 Pro with DRI whips it...

I do however see driver problems in 3dlabs immediate future...
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