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Default Re: Inadvertently Deleted "Anyone Still Here" Thread

Originally Posted by DiscipleDOC View Post
I'm giving up coffee for awhile. That stuff was making me feel too jittery. I can't stand to have something controlling me like that.
I know the feeling. I cut back on the alcohol, replaced it with coffee, Gatorade, and juices. The cigarettes and coffee have been bothering me for a few months, especially due to some things I've been dealing with WRT my daughter and my ex. I even had to start taking nerve medications to deal with the constant anxiety attacks I was having (mostly due to my ex and her BS), but the side effects caused even more problems.

I'm off the meds, kinda doing better...sometimes. I'm preparing to take my ex to court and get my daughter away from her. Long, tragic, screwed up story that just keeps getting worse.
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