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Default Re: Barack Obama Retains US Presidency

Originally Posted by Airbrushkid View Post
First off they got banned! So I don't think that they will ever come back. There over on

And to me he is not that great of a Pres. Wait until Ocare go's in effect. There's reports that a lot of the big ass companies are going to layoff ten of thousands of people if not more! Then watch the employment rate sky rocket! Then all you people that wanted O in office will be paying for the thousands and thousands of people that have no job. But that doesn't matter they will have Ocare that your paying for!!
Not all of us. Some just vanished off the face of the internet...always lurking in the shadows...making surprise appearances.

Holy hell, my post count is down to 430. That means like....5 thousands of my posts were deleted. The VAST majority, haha ^_^
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