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Unhappy Crysis 3 Beta

Crysis 3 beta is on Origin for testing and as predicted it looks nothing like their promotional videos, it looks like crap in a lot of cases. I tried it and it just seemed like Crysis 2.5 but without the complete mess of Crysis 2 MP demo. Textures look like crap as in Crysis 2 again, green lines around objects look dreadful and looks like one colour mush but OK it's a beta, but I have no confidence in Crytek after Crysis 2.

Looks like they have improved things like the sign in and graphics options, FXAA, SMAA, MSAA to pick from and advanced options, you can skip the intro stuff but still the same crap as Crysis 2 like capped frame-rate, laggy mouse, probably (mouse acceleration).

Maps feel bigger but it's basically Crysis 2 with a Jungle like overgrown, dead city and throwing a bow into the gameplay which gives instant kills(apparently the nano suit cannot stop arrows) .The suit seems to get weaker and weaker with every release, slow movement, you feel like a tank and nothing like Crysis 1. I'll probably get the game when it's cheap and patched up and they might throw a texture pack out if it stays like it is.

Sorry but you can't fool us into thinking it's going back to Crysis 1(one of the best selling PC games to date and out sold Crysis 2), it's just Crysis 2.5 I'm afraid in my opinion.
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