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You know, my old SPEA V7 PCI owns 'em all, it's at least twice as fast as the QuadroFX, Radeon9800 and the Wildcat 4 alltogether...

Oops, sorry wrong reallity... I tried the Wildcat4, FireGL and QuadroFX 3000, and the QuadroFX is the fastest by a large margin, using XSI on Linux. The FireGL was nice, the Wildcat was really disappointing. Plus, IIRC, only the Quadro supports Linux for AMD64... Maybe SnapIT compared the Wildcat4 to the QuadroFX 500, then it would win; but if I have to choose between the 7210 and the 3000G, I would go Nvidia.
Then again, if there really is a way to improve it's performance any further... just go ahead!
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