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Post Online shooter Warframe to feature GPU PhysX support

Eager to see what kind of GPU PhysX games can one expect in 2013?

Welcome Warframe ' online free-to-play third person shooter/slasher, being developed by Digital Extremes, a company that has brought as games such as The Darkness 2 and Dark Sector.

As wielders of Warframes, ancient combat exoskeletons, players will have to fight their way, with swords and guns, through procedurally generated levels across the Solar System.

Intense cooperative PvE (up to 4 players) gameplay of Warframe is complemented by several MMO-style features, such as crafting system, upgradable equipment and weapons, boss raids, etc.

Warframe is based on the last generation of Digital Extemes' in-house engine ' Evolution Engine ' which features not only very nice, DX 11 enhanced visuals, but also PhysX SDK 3.2 and APEX 1.2 integrations.

CPU physics level, based on latest PhysX SDK 3.2.2, is represented by character controller, rigid body physics and ragdolls, while APEX Turbulence and APEX Particles modules (version 1.2.2) are powering the extra GPU accelerated effects.

So far, GPU PhysX support is implemented in a form of turbulence particles, emitted from dissolving dead bodies, explosive barrels and also by some special abilities of the Warframes.

Particle effects are unobtrusive, well optimized and blend nicely in a dark, metallic environments of the game.

Warframe is currently in Closed Beta state and is slated for release in 2013. Be sure to check for more information.

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