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Default Re: nvidia-settings not restoring Brightness settings with --load-config-only

Well, it is still broken for me (304.64 driver on a x86_64 Fedora 18). The .rc file is saved when I quit nvidia-settings (the timestamp on the header is updated), but some settings reset to their defaults. I can't save neither brightness nor contrast or gamma for any of my two monitors, changes are simply ignored. The same applies to cursor shadow. Weird thing is that some other settings are saved as expected (at least "sync to vblank" and "flipping").

Also, the tool is reading settings from the file, but isn't applying them: if I change let's say contrast and quit the tool, settings are not saved but the changes are effective. When I run the tool again it shows the (default) values read from the file, but doesn't reset the monitor configuration -- unless I make any other change on the settings or reset to hardware defaults.

This is very annoying :-( I hope it gets fixed soon.


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