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A person on facebook posted that they put their ex on I looked at the site, and lol...the site is a joke. The first post that I read was about a woman that cheated on a guy and he claimed that the girl that he met (after a two month relationship) told him that she wasn't going to do porn movies anymore. If a person really don't want to be cheated on, maybe they shouldn't be looking for their spouse in a club/online/craigslist/etc

Here's the post:
Stephanie Iacovelli who goes by the name Stephanie Anderson contacted me from craigslist looking for a job in the adult industry. Long story short... we got into a serious committed relationship so I no longer wanted her to do cam shows. Months later I found out, not only was she still doing cam shows, but she was also porn behind my back , ** herself and was in another relationship with a black guy. I dump her... I have no problem with race but she was very secretive about his race. She never post his photos on her facebook page, her status says she's single. I went to the doctor to get checked when I found out she was doing ** and found out I have an ***.

Be careful, not only is Stephanie Iacovelli (who goes by the name Stephanie Anderson) *** positive, she is also deeply into *******, marijuana and alcohal and sometimes smoke ** with her marijuana. I had to deal with her addiction throughout our relationship and it was not a happy moment in my life.

I am happy to say I finally have my life back and she is no longer stalking me.

I'm posting here to warn everybody about Stephanie Iacovelli (who goes by the name Stephanie Anderson) in hopes to save lives.
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