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Originally posted by zander
SnapIT, don't take this personally, but I'm sure most people value the results of one of the most commonly used workstation/OpenGL graphics performance benchmarks more than your subjective impression with setups you provide no detail on whatsoever. The posted SPECviewperf® results were indeed generated on Windows systems, but do you honestly expect them to be reversed on comparable Linux configurations?
I don't take it personally... :-)

Wrong OS, wrong version of OGL... of course the reults are very different if you change that...

Just like ATI's results with the older drivers were very different, fast as heck on OGL 1.2 but would take forever just to complete the 2.0 test (actually if it could produce a negative result it probably would)...

It is like comparing full FSAA to no FSAA and different versions of directx...

I'm sure you get my point...

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