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Default Re: Aliens: Colonial Marines

Originally Posted by ATOJAR View Post
I just hope it's well optimized for PC & not a poor console port.

I also hope there are advanced graphics options so we can change FOV etc.

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I'd like to THINK that gearbox will do us right after seeing how well they optimized borderlands 2 for PC.

That said, this game is in the "wait and see" group for me. I haven't seen anything so far that would indicate that it's a 60 dollar title. Length of campaign and how well the story is fleshed out will play a big part of that. I have zero interest in multiplayer.

There is a lot of pandering to fanboys so far in terms of staying true to the lore but honestly, I don't care if they take some creative liberties with the story as long as they make it fun, scary as hell and make me actually fear every alien encounter like in the original AVP.
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