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Originally posted by SuLinUX
Thought as much, Tomshardware could'nt of been wrong and next time post proof instead of claiming it
This is for you

That should keep you busy for a while...

WTF is Tomshardware?

If you had read my post properly you would have seen why i didn't post proof, the point was the agp driver which i was told was bundled with their new driver, apparently they chose not to release that driver today, i don't know why yet but i have emailed Paul and will wait for his answer...

What you idiots don't get is that i was just trying to help, i will release the agp driver all on it's own instead if 3dlabs does not want it and if you wish to you can use it on your systems then, it is purely for the amd64 and as far as i know it is the only driver that works in 64bit mode with the kt800...
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