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Originally posted by nutball
You need to read that sentence back to yourself.

I never benched it either (in fact I don't even own a Wildcat), but I can tell you that the Quadro 0wnZ the Wildcat. In fact I can say anything I like! It's easy to talk. That's the problem with people, they talk too much and say too little.
*sigh* Read it AGAIN, on every setup I HAVE TESTED IT ON, you don't even own a wildcat and have never tested it, i have tested both solutions multiple times...

Indeed you talk a lot there and the comparison between someone who has only seen a wildcard on a pic and someone who tries different systems every day is invalid...

I don't expect you to understand that, i just hope you will eventually grow up and get some comprehension skills, though that hope seems to be wasted on the likes of you....

No offense of course...
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