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SnapIT, sorry, but I'm afraid you lost me...
1. I don't have _any_ problems with AGP on AMD64, but then again, I use an AMD8151 tunnel - don't know about VIA's KT800...
2. IIRC, AGPGART on AMD64 for VIA chipsets works with kernel 2.6.1, but I don't know if there are any performance issues.
3. What is it you've written? A replacement for Linux' AGPGART? And it's faster? And stable? Go ahead, send it to Andrew or, I'm sure they will be excited and include it in the kernel. No, really, I mean it!

Oh, and BTW, I tested XSI using 32bit Linux, it doesn't work on 64bit Linux... If you try it you should see that there is no OpenGL accelleration at all, because Nvidia's 4499 drivers don't like 32bit apps.
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