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Default Re: Aliens: Colonial Marines

This is the first Alien game ive played, Watched Prometheus, Alien & Aliens over the past few nights to refresh the memory because Colonial Marines carry's on directly from where Aliens left off.

Started the game in Ultimate bad ass mode, No HUD etc.

Don't get me wrong this game aint gonna break any records and yeah ill agree some of the texture are quite low res BUT the game runs really nice for a port, No major bugs yet that ive discovered, The lighting in the game is fantastic, Really adds to the atmosphere.

As ive said if your looking for GOTY then this probably wont win but i cant believe its getting such negative press when its actually a decent game imo ... From what i can work out it seems too be the console gamers that are "dissing" this game AND it seems that 80% of the people giving it bad press when they haven't actually played the game, They seem to be just going on information form somebody else.

All in all its a decent game and definitely aimed at the Alien/s franchise fans.
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